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    On this page, you can make comments on the articles I present here, or on the site itself. This information will help me to enhance my ability to effectively communicate.

    To enter a comment the only requirement is that you supply your email address along with it. The address will be use to associate you with your comment and to help me identify you. When your comment is received and I find the time to read it, I will send you an email containing your comment for confirmation. This is done to verfiy your email identity.


    Note: Comments containing profanity, will not be published. Please understand that although I intend to use my discretion in determining which comments I will display, I believe agreement and or disagreement can be very good teachers. Just the same, you should not expect to see your comment minutes or hours after it is posted.
    Unfortunately ;-{ I do have other things to do.

    And, as I'm sure you've already guessed, I assume no responsibility for the content of any comments that I may display. The content of a comment will be displayed as it is received, as it does not reflect my opinion.

    The information provided here will only be used to identify you on this site.

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