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    There's great news in Chicago
    and it's called "Kids Café".
    The kind of food program to
    expect from a city that cares?
    See for yourself!
    AIDS! What if...?
    Part one of a two-part series!

    Fianlly, The Truth?
    About what, about who?

    "Bush Wars", How America's war on terrorism continues, where its gone!
    "Thoughts, Feelings"
    A composite of articles on and around the announced American government initiated and internationally backed "War Between The Civilized World and Fanaticism" to include "The Times We Know"
    "Will the Real Enemy Please..."
    An analysis of the struggle against injustice.
    The "system", which I'll expand on later, has successfully assured that the needs of whites are not equivalent to that of people of color. So the question is, when a white discriminates against someone of color, what, if anything, does that person gain?

    Have some fun with this question:
    "Bush or Chimp", find out!
    Deplore Bush, in any language!
    (closing down soon!)
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    Articles soon to be published!
       "AIDS! What If...?"
    Part-two of the series. In this part, I show more information I've found on past usages of biological weapons and expand on what many contend is the result of a devious attempt to demise non-white populations around the world, something you don't want to miss!
       "The Black Panther Story"
    This homage is a summation of the rise and fall of Black Panther Party For Self Defense documented in a first-hand account by Lew Lee. His documentation comprises the complete history of the organisation and it's goals.
       The "Politics of Revolution"
    All though the title is a quote taken from a speech given by H. Rap Brown, it has little to do with that. It entails more or less ethics for the need of what Martin Lither King once called "a revolution of values."
       "Matters of Truth"
    This article examines the threat of terrorism in comparison to efforts conducted to stop terrorism. It poses some important question about the so-called "war on terrorism" and those who supposedly lead it to whatever aim!