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AIDS! What If?
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    (1) I am:
    dedicated to presenting comments and analysis on information as it is reported to me. Not all of my sources are reliable, just as not all reliable sources are truthfull. Still, I generally rely on the same public sources most people do for information:
    newspapers, magazines

    For this reason, you will miss footnotes that refer to specific sources -- anything you read about here, you can read about anywhere else, with the exception of my personal opinion.
    (2) I'm not:
    concerned about pleasing anyone's special interests, not even my own.
    I will take no consideration to preserve anyone's pride or conceal anyone's secrets. I will not hesitat to expound on those that do and have. If during the course of our interaction you feel compeled to formulate and integrate some ideas, analysis and thoughts of your own here or somewhere else, the purpose of this site will have been justified!
    (3) You can:
    expect me to be critical, not shy; respectful, not insolent; considerate, but unbiased.
    Unfortunately, I do not have the time to update this site daily. At most, I expect to be able to work on the site on a bi-weekly basis, with no garuantee. Of course your involvement could influence that!
    Comments are greatly appreciated and any information contained in them I feel should be shared, will be. Also constructive criticism whether positive or negative, is very welcome.
    As before, I ask you to recommend reading these pages to any and everyone you know, and solicit your opinion and participation in any and all actions that evolve, with the knowledge that only we, as a whole, can help ourselves.

    Note: If, during the course of reading, you encounter any errors, whether informational or typographical, please nofity me!

    Kushánd Fantí

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