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    A composite of articles on and around the announced American government initiated and internationally backed
    "War Between The Civilized World and Fanaticism".

    The Times We Know

    For many people in the world, including me, something seemed to have died and something reborn with the shock of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. The utter audacity, the sheer strength of the devastation that cost many lives, moved the whole world: "America" has been victized by a monsterous terrorist attack. The world mourned the loss of life in such a way, unparalleled in the history of western civilization. With right, I believe, terrorism was condemened and criminalized in the world in unanimous decision. In the end, we are left with an "American" government dedicated on one side to the irradication of terrorism, and on the other, to revenge for those who died.

    Not long after the attack, an alliance was created that was said to back "America" in its efforts to restabilize a nation now in turmoil and dismay, living in the fear of terrorism, and at the same time, sobering after the tragedy. The Media portrayed "America" as a nation as one determined, strong and resolute. It took advantage of the momentary confussion and uncertainty that persisted and misused the moments of absolute hoplessness and pain captured on film to portray America is it would have it: "one nation, under God". Its show was unbelievable, so good, you actually had the impression "America" had repented, learned brotherhood, recongized a true purpose -- become the land of the free, home of the brave...

    But, when the show became monotone, and the hightlights seemingly lost their effect, you knew for sure that your feelings weren't unique, you had felt this way before. You knew that in the past there had been many similar incidents. The Media, the only public link to international news, may not have publicized previous events as intense and exclusively as this one, but you knew you had already seen, read, or heard of them. You remembered that you had onced pledged to irradicate senseless deaths yourself, before. You realize that you had already told yourself that you would never laugh again, dance again, celebrate again, until the sensless waste of human lives is stoped. You realize that you had already promised that you would do everything in your power to battle hate, indifference, jealousy, envy, where ever and however you met them in your life.

    It didn't take long before you remembered what had kept you from achieving your goal, your life's goal. Suddenly you felt that absoulte helplessness, powerlessness that you had felt before, the realization that no one is willing to see the world as you do. The more you watched the news coverage, the more it was confirmed for you, as it had been before, all your efforts had been useless. Although you had long ceased to feel sad about the incident, you were now beginning to loose that feeling of hate for the unknown people who committed the crimes. Your anger turned, because you remembered that you had already been numbed to this feeling by the thousands upon thousands you knew had died through hunger, thrist, curable desease. You had already known who the real perpetrators were in the other incidents, who was to blame. You knew many of the countries by name who's government's typically tolerate, and to some extent, even profit by the occurrance of needless deaths by refusing to offer or support comprehensive financial aid or medical programs geared at effectively impacting on these attrocities with the goal of ending them. You knew for instance that the western world had turned its back on a continent on which it had indirectly caused millions to become infected with the HIV virus. You knew that western governments were more concerned with selling arms to poor countries, and destabilizing political systems in them, than saving the lives of their innocent. You knew all efforts were being made to concentrate all the attention on the mythical American society, distracting the world, lest someone should shout, "Isn't this similar to what the western world has been doing to other countries, in one way or anthother, for centuries?"

    And, you knew there would be someone or something to blame for the attacks in New York and Washington. You knew, as always, this someone or something would have to be a viable source, since all the anger, aggression, and frustration must be directed that way. You knew the "American government" would use its typical methods to curb and confine "public thinking". As part of that, you know you would be bombarded with the ideaolgy of the worn-out concepts of "freedom" and "civilization". But, you were somewhat embarrassed as you heard representatives of other countries, that had in the past been victimized by western policies and political tactics, announce their support. But, then again, you knew why they had, why they must. You knew also that the perpetrator would in essence be the known "enemy". And for some uncanny reason, you knew as well that this enemy would only have to be named, not caught in the act: You knew the western world would require no real evidence to internationally condemn and criminalize all those already on their hit-lists, for whom the Media-at-large would provide no indisputable proof of innocence in connection to the "enemy".

    Even so, you didn't know that every attempt would be made to create the internal, the international "enemy". You didn't know that all of the supporting nations would suddenly discover links between their own citizens and the "enemy". You also didn't know that supporting nations would use similar tactics to isolate, separate, and if possible, encarsorate the "enemy". You didn't perceive the possibility that the "enemy" could now be used to scapegoat and moralize politically motivated voracity throughout the world. You didn't know that the "war on terror" was a concept that could be implemented to morally validate those facits of illicit behavior the emerging allegiances are extending in their endowment of police authority to particular levels of buearocracy. You didn't know that the "enemy" identified the thin line that exists between motivations derived from religious fanaticism and the exercising of political control through the flow of money.

    Now you know that the "war on terror" is an entity, an idea. You know it has grown in strength internationally. You know that dependent on your nationality, your side has already been choosen for you and that your blind patriotism is pre-requisite. In the times we have known, as with the times we know, if anyone "benefits" as a result, "America" will.

    Quid Pro Quo?

    The European Community as well as many other countries have begun to link themselves through this tragedy, so the Media claims. The Media also said that the commonality that persists between "America" and the rest of the world is in essence a sympathy with those who have lost their lives. It has been relentlessly repeated that this link has been extended and strengthened. Amidst all this, the Media has consistantly and effectively created an atmosphere of hate against Arabs throughout the world. Also audible in the Media, is the constant association of the attack with the picture of "America's" prime suspect. Consequently, the Media has established, as "America" has, the notion of terrorism and terrorist attacks due to the existance of suspects it has not had the power to "interogate":
    The Media and "America" have developed the concept that, Osama bin Laden = murderer = terrorism = responsible for the the tragic deaths of the many who died on September 11, 2001 = network of terrorism resonpibible for terrorists acts on western factilities = a threat to civilization = America and Europe.

    To simplify matters, "America", through its "authority", initially designated that all Arab nations that do not openly proclaim to be with "America", are to be considered against the same. With the exception of most of the EU and especially Great Britain, no other country has excepted this concept without stipulation. Yet even they, yielding to "American" influence, have announced a commitment to fight terrorism any and everywhere in the world.

    My mind managed to retrieve some of the historical facts that "Americans" and almost all EU countries seem to have forgotten ever occured. "America" has terrorized its people for years, executing thousands, jailing thousands, and criminalizing thousands since its existance. Its foundation is built on the blood of many many millions forced to impart their lives for its development, which has definitely made the "American dream" a reality for some, a select group, while allowing for some minor exceptions to the long standing and established rule. "Americans" have fought WARS against its own people politically, economically, and judicially. The expansion of "American" interests in international affairs has been nothing more than an extension of these tactics. America's international politics, if you can call it that, has amounted to nothing more than "America's" clandestine effort to expand and sustain the criminalistic ventures it has practiced over the decades of coveting, with the primary goal being the maintainance of the status quo for generations to come. These goals were initiated centuries ago by European powers, acting as the master-minds in international "dominance by destruction", and have been adopted by all countries derived out of the expansion of European supressiveness.

    I was not and should not have been surpised to hear statements that voices in Europe proclaimed its intentions of absolute support for the "American" objectives. Equally, I was not and could not have been surprised to hear statements of doubt, even under the pressure of "America's" threat, expressed by countries outside of it, some of who's comments the Media actually reported. I was, and still am convinced that the current "American" government represents the one entity capable of catapulting this tragic episode in world history into the most disastrous incident the world has ever known. Knowing that the America government does not represent the country's voice, it should be of political importance to solicit the opinion of other important citizens, those who have not been blinded by the tragedy, as well as those who's eyes have been opened by the tragedy. Why aren't informed on what they are thinking, saying, and planning?

    Before I continue, let me clarify something, particularly the usage of quotes in the words "America", "America's", "Americans", "freedom", "democracy", "free and civilized world", etc. There should justifiably be considerable doubt in anyone's mind as to which citizens these terms have historically been applicable. Contrary to media sources, the American government has never represented the interests of its citizens impartially. Only the ignorant would disprove this fact. Equally, no one aware of the true constituents of western governments can agree to the allegation that America and Europe exemplify the quintessence of freedom, democracy, and civilization. The nature of capitolism, which is the driving force in these areas of the world, disallow the existance of these social attributes to any significant degree.

    The World Trade Center (WTC) and the Pentagon were indeed the important cells of the well structured powers that dominate the rest of the world. The destruction and devastion we wittnessed there has not only in some way cripled these powers, but it has also caused dissention within the ranks of countries they comprise. In spite of all the so-called brotherly love portrayed by specific media sources to be prevailent in America, particularly in New York, the world is wittnessing the comfirmation that the actual commitment has been made to wealth, the power derived from it, and the preservation of such. Has the Media, or any official in America asked why this country has so many enemies throughout the world, and within its own borders? The Media insinuates that all of America's enemies are terrorists (!), and would have you to believe that all terrorists are America's enemies. Now consider these contradictions: The America government supported the Mujahiden in providing them with training and weaponry in its battle against Russia, which now constitutes the Afghan Taliban regime; The American government has accepted Russia as partner in the fight against this very same political faction! In truth, the American power structure, accompanied by that of Europe, has always defined its own enemies. For decades they have reserved the "right" to proclaim enemies, with the only obligation being to convince its citizens of the legitimacy of such proclaimations. Although propaganda is a word typically used by the western world to describe the information provided by the media services of unfriendly countries to its citizens, it is a commonly used instrument in western communications.

    Kushánd Fantí
    (Date: 27.09.2001)

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